In 2017 I graduated from Falmouth with an MA in Illustration .  In the gallery you’ll find work in progress for a series of books which started life on that course:

17 looks at the difficulties of growing up in a world post 9-11.  Divorced parents,  fake news, rising tides of intolerance dominating politics… when  nothing is certain except uncertainty, how do teenagers structure their identity?

Lear started life as a version of Shakespeare’s tale set in C21st London; a story of inheritance and a family coping with an ageing parent suffering from dementia.

Jacques is my response to a rigorous yet inflexible French education system.

Watch this space for:  Finn the Vet  (a series of books for children), Sadie Cummings – and my first collection of short stories! 

I hope you’ll  keep checking the site for updates