Potted History


When not illustrating, I’m a Performance, Communications & Personal Development Coach, bringing arts and creativity into the corporate world.  I’m really passionate about demonstrating how senior management and their workforce can, by harnessing the staple skills of the visual arts and theatre, become more creative thinkers, compelling communicators and effective team players.  Presentations are stories. Great presentations are great stories. I have a long and successful track record of working with diverse population groups of all ages, both in the USA and Europe.

More? Sure!

In the beginning

A Scot born in Japan, I made my first appearance on the  exact same day as Dr Who. President Kennedy had just been assassinated and four months later,  my dad died.  I was placed in a Japanese laundry basket and put on a plane bound for London. It was the 60s.  Childhood memories are a hazy mix of mini skirts, Afghan coats, Blue Peter and beehives. Round the corner was a shop called Granny Takes a Trip.  Every so often I was packed off to my grandparents’ house in Scotland to practice wearing a kilt and be told I spoke like a Sassenach*. (*Sassenach = Scots name for the English. Generally pejorative.)

I like to think that, like both my son and me, my dad must have doodled in class. Here’s a sketch he drew of his tutor at Oxford, CS Lewis (who died, like Aldous Huxley, on the same day as JFK).

Trivia:  When I can’t sleep, I try to count how many times I’ve moved house (answer = approximately 27. Favourite places include Hawai’i and Berkeley.).

I invariably flick through books from back to front.

I can plaster walls, mix cement, tile floors, and would rather not.

There are lizards in our garden, almond trees, figs, olives, apples, roses  and raspberries. The raspberries remind me of Scotland. We live in France.

I live in hope I’ll wake up to find Brexit didn’t  happen.