In 2017 I graduated from Falmouth with an MA in Illustration.  In the gallery you’ll find work in progress for a series of books.

17 looks at the difficulties of growing up in a world post 9-11.  Divorced parents,  fake news, rising tides of intolerance dominating politics… When  nothing is certain except uncertainty, how do teenagers structure their identity?

Lear is a version of Shakespeare’s tale set in C21st London. A story of a family coping with an ageing parent suffering from dementia.

Ecole is my response to a rigorous yet inflexible French education system.

There are plenty of other projects in the pipeline.

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You can find out more about me in Biography.

The inspiration for the Blog page was something Garrison Keillor wrote:

“A postcard takes about fifty words gracefully, which is how to write one… fifty words is a strict form but if you write tiny and sneak over into the address side to squeeze in a hundred, the grace is gone and the result is not a poem but notes for a letter you don’t have time to write…”

The blog started life as Postcards from France.

Thank you for visiting the site.

Photos can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/ROZSYMON/